Sunday, May 15, 2011

Now as most of you know we spent the past year building a home.  It is a very draining, fun, difficult, intense, and many, many more adjectives process.  One of the reasons this process can be so intense is the desire to stay on budget and still get the look you want.  This can be a very hard task.  I did probably 80% off the selection process for our home. 
You see we designed the house our selves, from the ground up, including the floor plan.  We had a very specific look in mind.  However I am NO interior decorator.  We were going for a Craftsman style with some modern finishes.  I did so much online shopping it was insane.  I can't begin to add up the amount of hours I spent on line researching products trying to get the absolute best price for what I was looking for.  Well I must say I wound up getting all of my online items for our home from  I saved a ton of money this way.

For example before we started building process I went to the plumbing fixture supplier we would be using and got a quote on a 3 piece 8" spread oil-rubbed bronze faucet.  They quoted me over $300 dollars for this one item!  I found the sink and faucet combination I was looking for on overstock for less than $200.  They are Ceramic rectangular Vessel sinks by Kraus with Chrome faucets.  Beautiful!  Very well made.  I even contacted Kraus directly before purchasing them to find out what the warranty was and where I could get replacement parts.  They were great to work with.  I also went through Shop At for all of my transactions with Overstock allowing me to get even greater savings!  Right now you get up to 4.5% cash back.  I believe it was 5% when I made my purchases. To make it even sweeter their shipping never goes over $2.95 for your entire order!  No matter what you order!!!!  Sometimes it's even FREE!!!!
All in all we ordered 4  vessel sink/faucet combinations (Kraus brand),  2 light fixtures, a ceiling fan (Monte Carlo), a Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink/Faucet combination  (Kraus brand), and  12 flush mount light fixtures  (Savoy House brand).

We only had one issue with one of the items we purchased.  It was our dining room light fixture.  It was a 9-light chandelier.  We didn't check it when it arrived, like we should have, because of the way it was all boxed up.  When we got ready to install it my brother, our electrician, discovered that two of the globes were shattered.  We contacted Overstock about the issue.  They discovered they didn't have any more of the chandeliers in stock.  I contacted the manufacturer and they said they didn't have any more globes as well.  We were unsure what  to do.  I informed Overstock of what the manufacturer had told me.  They agreed to give us a full refund and we could return the item or if we thought we could still use it then they would give us a partial refund.  We were able to take the top tier off of the chandelier making it a six light.  Overstock asked me how much I wanted for a refund and gave me exactly what I asked for.  Superb customer service.

I only have great things to say about them!

Now I will say this.  They aren't always cheaper.  However when shopping online always take into consideration shipping costs as well as any refunds you can get through Shop At Home or Ebates.

I hope this post has been helpful to you.  Do you have a favorite online store?  If so what is it?  What's your favorite things to shop for online?

Have a great day!

~The Boss Lady~

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