Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 90!

Well yesterday, Feb. 11 was officially day 90 of my P90X challenge.  I made it through!  So glad to have accomplished it.  What were my results?  Well I'll tell you.  I lost 4.5 lbs.  10% body fat (I went from 29% to 19%) and I lost 10.15 inches!  3.25 of those in my waist.  Here's my before and after picture

So what's next you might ask?  Well I'll tell you!  Les Mills PUMP!  So excited to start this!
My first day of my 90 day challenge officially starts tomorrow.  Here's a picture of the awesome workout program, right out of the box.

Still drinking my Shakeology and loving every day!

  Keep Bringing it!
~The Boss Lady~

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Welll.... maybe I should end the hiatus :)

I know, I know...... it's been since August!  Where have I been?!  Well I'll tell you. Quite a lot has been going on since then.  I'm sure some of you won't care for the details but if you know me well then you know I'm a detail kind of gal.  The more information the better :)

We started back with our homeschooling in mid-August.  All three kids are doing schoolwork although the youngest is just Pre-K so it's not everyday just when we feel like it.   Along with homeschooling I decided to close G.R.I.T.S. Embroidery.  It was a very tough decision, it's been like my 4th child for the past 7 years!  It was difficult though to keep up.  I couldn't update my website to add or remove products, choices or prices so I was using Facebook.  But then you never know when you are going to get an order and the timeframe it will be needed in.  I don't like unknowns all that much so I decided it was best to close up for now.  I just didn't have the time to devote to it anymore.  I still make Savvy Shoppers and sell them at the White House Walgreens, just check out the candy display at the main checkout.

Around this same time I was asked by our former Realtor to start staging houses for him when needed.  Thus became Savvy Staging by Stacie.  So far I've only consulted with one customer but we all know how the housing market is right now.  The great thing about this is I'm mainly just a consultant so there are no supplies to keep in stock, it's just a couple of hours of my time when a client needs me to give them advice.

During all this I was having more and more pain with my kidney stones (I still have 5 keeping me company).  The doctor ordered a CT Scan and said that there was only one large enough to blast and who knows if it's the one causing me the pain.  You know I always find it very funny that after seeing doctors and speaking with nurses the pain seems to go away.  So for right now and the past few weeks or more my kidneys have been playing nice :)

Along with this I was having some pretty severe pain in my right ear as well as some other anomalies.  I saw an Internal Medicine doctor who ran a lot of bloodwork and pronounced me perfectly healthy.  Going back to see him three months later and still with great ear pain he sent me to an Oatolarangology  (sp?) doctor or an ENT!    He checked my hearing and looked at my ear and said it could be enflamed nerves so I got a $41 steroid cream to use for fifteen days.  That didn't help and in fact the pain got worse so I saw him again yesterday.  He used a light to look in my ear and said that the nerve is bright red and it is most likely per-erruptive  Shingles!   Ouch!  I don't want that!  So now I am on two anti-viral medications and a cream for a week or a little more that he said should get rid of it.  Whew!  Close call, I'll keep you in the know about whether or not it works.

During all this I decided to become a  Team Beachbody Coach.  I know you have all seen the Infomercials about P90X?!  Well I'm doing the 90 day challenge and while I haven't lost any weight yet I can definitely tell a difference in muscle tone (I'm 30 days in at this point).   So if you would like to learn more about getting healthy and fit you can go here or leave me a message here.  I will be more than happy to help you! 

It seems strange to start this in the midst of so many health problems but at the same time it is something I felt like "I can do this!"  and it made me feel better instead of letting the other issues get me down. 

Christmas is quickly approaching and I have all but a couple of the presents in the house.  Before Christmas comes my baby's 4th birthday though.  It's so sad in so many ways to think of how quickly they grow up!

Oh I almost forgot I've discovered Pinterest!    It is a fantastic place to find neat ideas, recipes and tons of other things.  It's gotten my creative juices flowing more than once.

Well I hope you all have a very Happy Holiday.  I'll try to post again soon!

Tell me what's going on with you?!

Love always,
The Boss Lady

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My take on Outlet Malls

So this past weekend I was blessed to be able to spend to fun filled days with my gal pals.  We all me in Edinburgh, IN for a weekend of shopping, eating and of course gabbing!  We had a great time although it was not near long enough.

Well of course when you visit an outlet mall you have to buy something right?  You expect rock bottom prices with even greater discounts on top of that.  I mean it is an OUTLET MALL right?  You are not supposed to pay retail.  So why is it then that when we visit an Outlet Mall we feel, for the majority of stores, that we are visiting a retail store?  I don't know about you but I get very frustrated at this.  I mean I come with a limited budget and a list of things I NEED for my family.

To tell you the truth I only went in one clothing store that actually had what I consider good prices.  That was the Vanity Fair Outlet.  I purchased a couple of Polos and a Nautica T-shirt for my husband for less than $16. (plus tax).  In the Stride Rite Outlet I returned a pair of shoes that I had purchased on Friday.  The manager tells me I have to buy them back because they were a final sale item even though it wasn't marked on my reciept.  Then after I re-purchase them she tells me she's not going to mark them as final sale, she's doing me a favor she says, so that I can return them if I need too?!  WHAT!?  I really don't get it.  We stood in lines for ages.  Took 20 minutes or more at the actual checkout in a couple of stores.

My take on outlet malls: 
1.  Print out any online coupons you can get your hands on before you get there (in this case there was also a online coupon for a FREE coupon book for the entire outlet mall)
2.  Go when it's not busy,
3.  Window shop at all the stores you think you will purchase from first.
4.  Make a list from those stores of the items you like and the final price you will pay for those items (You can ask if they will hold the items for you, they might until the close of day or possibly longer.)
5.  Sit down with your list at your hotel or someplace quiet and decide what you plan to purchase.
6. Map out your stores and go back for your purchases with a back up plan in case they don't have the size you need when you make it back around.

With exception of the first one these are all thing I WISH I had done this past weekend.  They are definitely all things I will strive to do in the future!

So good luck with your next outlet mall experience.  For that matter these tips could be used on any shopping trip!

Happy Shopping
~The Boss Lady~

Friday, July 15, 2011

Target Black Friday Sale!

Today only!  Many things up to 50% off.  Be sure to go through first to get 10% cash back!

Happy Friday!
The Boss Lady

Friday, July 8, 2011


Can anyone say MOO????  Well today is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A   and you can score a FREE Meal!

Here's the details:  Dress like a cow. Head to your nearest Chick-Fil-A.  The more you look like a COW the more food you get free.

You know what they'll even provide you with the appropriate attire.  Just click here to print your various Cow parts to make your cow costume and score a FREE meal!

Have fun!
~The Boss Lady~

Saturday, July 2, 2011

You have to try this!

I know this has nothing to do with coupons however if you are a coffee drinker it does have to do with saving you money!

I read The Pioneer Womans blog every once in a while when I have a free moment.  Last week I came accross her recipe for Iced Coffee.  Yesterday I decided to try it.  Talk about YUMMY!  I purchased Mocha Coffee and let is soak overnight.  I only had a 1 gallon container unlike Ree so I only soaked 1/2 of my bag of coffee grounds.  I fixed hubby and I each a glass this morning.  Half coffee (strained of course) poured over ice with Half and Half and chocolate syrup.  I used a little Stevia to sweeten.  It is fantastic you've got to try it.

Here's the link to Ree's recipe!

Happy Saturday!
Stacie  AKA The Boss Lady

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Great offers

BOGO coupon for McDonalds

Just click the BOGO link above and it'll take you to the page shown above.  Just enter your name and click to print! 

Free 8x10 Canvas Print or $50 towards any size Canvas, by the Canvas People.  All you pay is shipping and Handling!  Sweet!  Click here.

 Free $2 Amazon MP3 Credit
Just enter the code CLOUDMP3 to get your free credit.   Sweet!

Double Cash back with select retailers through Ebates!  35% cash back
Land's End 6% Cash Back
HP 5% Cash Back
Sears 4% Cash Back
Borders 8% Cash Back
Snapfish16.5% Cash Back

There are more retailers involved with the double cash back deal.  Just head on over to Ebates to get the full list.!

Well that's it for now.  I'll be on the lookout for more fantastic deals.

Have a great day!
The Boss Lady