Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coupon Mom site Explored!!!

So let me just say I am VERY excited to be sharing this site with all of you!  If you already knew about it then I'm happy for you.  I must say I knew about it but I had been put off by the amount of ads on the pages.  Now after exploring it I have found that it will be a very useful resource and guess what it's FREE!!!!

So here's what I would like to share with you:

1. The first tab on the page  is PRINTABLE COUPONS:  This is a link to all of the sites that always have coupons available to print.   Add TARGET.com to this list.  They always have manufacturer and store coupons available to print.

2.  The second tab is GROCERY DEALS BY STATE:  Very excited about this one!  Use the drop down menu to choose the store AND state you want!  For example for my friends in the IL area.  They can choose  IL - SCHNUCK'S

This is what comes up, obviously it will vary by the sale ad each week.   Well I wanted to have a screen shot here but for whatever reason my software is not co-operating with me.  So you'll have to go see for yourself. Sorry :(   You can click on the arrows at the top of each column to sort by.  You can sort by % SAVINGS to see the best deals at that store!  Cool huh?!

3.  The third tab is HOW TO USE COUPONS: this is their way of using coupons and their website.  I'm sure it will be great for helping you utilize their website.

4.  The fourth tab  is DRUGSTORE DEALS:  This is a list of all major drugstores and their deals for the week.  This includes Wal-mart, Kmart and Dollar General!  Wow!

  Once you select a drugstore you will see a spreadsheet like form like you did for the grocery deals above.  Just specific to the store you selected.

5. The fifth tab is the COUPON DATABASE:  This is excellent as you can sort by STATE or REGION!   It is a list of all the coupons in your state or region that are valid.  It even tells you when they came out or where they are located.  They have some other things on this page of interest.  Just scroll down the page to see.

6. Tab six is RESTAURANT  COUPONS:  This is a list of daily deal sites as well as sites such as restaurant.com where you can get gift certificates for super cheap!  (always look for a coupon code when buying from restaurants.com)

7.  Tab seven is COUPON CODES:  This tab takes you to another site called RETAIL ME NOT .  My suggestion:  if you find a valid coupon code on this site go through shopathome.com or ebates.com to find the store you wish to shop at.  This way you get money back on your purchase as well as the coupon code you were able to use!

The rest of the tabs are very self explanatory and I don't think you need me to overview them.  I'm by no means an expert on this site yet but I will definitely be putting it to good use!

Do you have a website you want me to share?  A store you love and want to talk about?  Let me know!  I would love to have guest bloggers and I love to learn about other ways to save $$$$!!!

Happy Tuesday!
Stacie, The Boss Lady

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