Thursday, April 7, 2011

Savvy Shopper Assistant

Yep, That's it the name, at least on a trial basis, of my new product! I'm very excited about it, but hey I love couponing.

Here's some pictures and descriptions:

When open the Savvy Shopper Assistant has ten slots, with tabs, for dividing your coupons up by store, aisle or both. It also comes with a 100 page 5x7 notepad for writing your shopping list with coupon matchups!

On the left there is a large pocket behind the coupon slots for carrying your coupon file or any large loose coupons you may have with you. Coupon file shown is 10" x 5".
Not included (add one for $5)

When closed the Savvy Shopper assistant looks like a beautiful clutch! Who would guess at the savings hiding inside :)

Savvy Shopper Assistant size LARGE shown.
Fabric - Grey Far Out Floral

Introductory Price: $20.00
with coupon file $25.00

Day one of couponing tips:

Since I've come out with the new Savvy Shopper Assistant I thought I might share a few couponing tips. I am by no means an extreme couponer but on an average grocery trip I save between 50% and 60% and I LOVE saving money. So today's tip is going to be a list of online "electronic" coupon sites. (procter and gamble coupons) ( savings account style)

All you do is enter your store card number (i.e. Kroger Plus Card number) and select "load to card". If you purchase the items in the store and you scan your card the coupon is automatically taken off. A few weeks back both Charmin and Bounty were on sale at Kroger. There was a $3 off electronic coupon on one item and if I remember correctly a $4 off e-coupon on the other item. All in all I spent about $6 or $7 on a 12 pack of Charmin and an 8 pack of Bounty. Now that's a good deal! (These were Kroger e-coupons by the way.)

So what would you like to learn more about when it comes to saving money?

Derek is teaching the adult Bible class this quarter on Sunday night. The topic is Financial Stewardship. I hope to learn even more about how to be a good steward of what the Lord has blessed me with.

Have a wonderful day!
~The Boss Lady~

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