Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 2 of Couponing Tips!!!

Day two of Couponing tips! Sorry I haven't kept up with this. It will probably never be a "daily" contribution, but we've been fighting sickness for the past three weeks as well as soccer practice and games for two kids on the days we were well. There were many other things going on but that's two major contributors :) Day2 of couponing tips below!
Use your resources! We have the internet and most of us are on it quite a bit. Why not use it to our advantage? Let it help us save money. Can it do that for us? Oh yes it can and not just the occasional FB page coupon either. There are many ways the internet can help you save $.

‎1. Find some good coupon blogs, ones that follow the stores in your area as well as online stores you frequently shop. These blogs are great for posting DEALS! Not just coupons but deals. I.E. (and no I didn't get this one from a blog I found it on my own) The Loft, my favorite store, was having a 40% off sale a couple of weeks ago. 40% off all sale items. I went shopping purchased a couple of items for a really good price. That night I came home to find a 30% off Friends and Family coupon to The Loft in my e-mail Inbox. I printed it out and two days later I returned the items only to repurchase them getting the 40% off and the additional 30% off Friends and Family coupon! That's the way to make a sweet deal!

Some of the blogs I like to follow are:;;, There are tons more out there but that just a few I really like.

Another way to save money on the web is by using rebate sites such as ebates or with all the online shopping I did while we were building our house this last year I received over $80 in cash back from Another way to make a great deal Is shop online at a store when they are having a great sale, then use a coupon through then you get your % back on what you spend as well! Sweet!

Last but definitely not least. SWAGBUCKS! I've redeemed about over $60 in amazon gift cards using swag bucks this past year. All by searching for websites I visit daily. FB, yahoo mail, etc. Well I hope these tips help. If you have any questions just ask and I'll be happy to help in any way I can.

~The Boss Lady~

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