Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 3 of Money Saving Tips


By request we're going to learn more about Swagbucks today. Swagbucks is a very easy way to earn pretty much anything. I'll explain first the ways you can earn Swagbucks and then we'll talk about what and how you can redeem them.

First things first. To use Swagbucks you have to sign up for an account. Don't worry it's totally free! Just go to and click Register/Create an Account. It's very easy and they don't send you spam. Promise. BTW you get 30 Swagbucks just for signing up. Sweet!

1. One way to earn is by telling your friends. Just click on Promote on the top of the Swagbucks homepage. It's a drop down. You'll see the words Facebook Connect and Invite and Earn. They are very easy and self explanatory.

2. Click on Toolbars at the top of the Swagbucks page. You can choose to install the Swagbucks Toolbar or my favorite just below it the Plugin. The Plugin is just a search box. I use Mozilla Firefox and there is already a search box on the top right of my browser. Once I download the Swagbucks Plugin I click on the little arrow located near the far left of that box. It gives me a drop down menu of all the different search engines I can use. Simply choose Swagbucks as your search engine. It uses Google so you aren't missing out on anything.

Now whenever you want to check your e-mail, go to Facebook or any other page your frequent just "search" on that page first! More often than not you'll find yourself winning Swagbucks. Sometimes it's only a swagbuck or two but more often I find it to be between four and fifteen swagbucks!

3. Another way to earn is simply by going to the Swagbucks hompage and looking at the big picture in the center of your screen. It normally has four different tabs. They scroll on their own or you can click on them. There is also a box below that one that has bonus bucks you can earn at times. Just read what each one says. They won't all be a way to earn Swagbucks but sometimes they will.

4. "Like"Swagbucks on Facebook. You earn Swagbucks just for doing this but they will also post when there are swagcodes and where to find them. Once you find a Swagcode you simply go to the homepage and enter it into the box on the right under your account information.

There are other ways to earn but I don't want to overwhelm you. You will learn as you go. I pretty much just use the search engine box and it has been very profitable for me.


It's actually very easy to redeem your swagbucks. Click on Redeem on the top of the home page. (very top bar) It will then show a drop down menu of Swag Store and Swagstakes. Personally I prefer to use the Swag Store. I don't gamble and although these are free digital dollars that I earned in a totally free way I just don't like the idea of "gambling" them away. Nothing wrong with it I just don't choose to spend my swagbucks that way. The likelihood of winning a Swagstakes changes with each one.

Swagstore: Very cool place to shop. You shop by category pretty much anything is out there. I prefer to purchase one of two things.

Under the Category "Gift and Reward Cards", Typically on the first page, You will find $5 gift cards for 450 Swagbucks. You will also find $5 Paypal cash for 700 Swagbucks. I normally go for the Gift card but if you don't shop there then get the Paypal cash.

Be sure to double check what you are purchasing before you purchase it. I'm including a screen shot here. There are three different Gift Card/Certificates with Amazon on them. However only one is for One of the others if for residents of Canada and the other for

Well I think this concludes our Swagbucks tutorial. If you have any questions just ask and I'll do my best to answer them or find an answer for you.

Have fun being a Swaggernaut!

~The Boss Lady~

This is not a paid advertisement for I have not been compensated in any way for my post. I just enjoy using swagbucks!


  1. I need some swagbucks hints/tips..not earning fat enough to suit my amazon needs, now that I have a Kindle Fire, lol!


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