Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Very, Very excited!!!!

This probably won't be exciting to anyone but me but since I'm excited I'm going to have to share.

Some of you may know that not long after paid someone to redesign my whole website ( get it up and running, even added a gift registry) that this said web designer went "POOF" right after the checkout process broke. Yep you heard me right. I got to really use my new website features for a very limited amout of time, maybe 6 months if that. This has been very disheartening as a lot of thought and work went into the new website design. So for the past 18+ months you couldn't actually purchase anything on my website. Other things started breaking as well such as all the custom product attributes. (selecting fonts, trims, fabrics, etc.)

So what am I so excited about you ask??? Well It's not a new website, at least not yet, although once I have some revenue built up I do hope to change over to a new host with a new shopping cart system.

No what I am so excited about is a FREE app on Facebook! This free app is called VENDOR CART and guess what??? You can shop GRITS Embroidery once again!!!! Yeah!

This shopping cart app even has a really cool price structure:

Normal: The everyday price of the item for sale
Sale: The sale price of the item
Like: The price you get IF you "Like" the page (i.e. in this case G.R.I.T.S. Embroidery)

So very cool!

It also allows you to set up attributes for your items although they can't have a $ value. For instance you can choose from 5 fonts and 19 minky blanket fabrics to build your minky blanket from.


I'm going to be changing the way I do things in my small business in hopes of actually being able to contribute to my household.

There will now be set fabrics for both Nursing Covers and Minky Baby Blankets. Currently the ones available are the fabrics I have in stock. (I have minky coming out my ears!)
However once I start selling off some of this stock then I am going to start purchasing all my fabric by the bolt. Great minky and designer prints. The fabrics I purchase by the bolt I will also be offering for sale by the .5 yard in my store! So much fun!!

So if you don't already go "LIKE" G.R.I.T.S. Embroidery. Send everyone you can over there, make sure they say who sent them. The person who sends the most people over will win a FREE minky blanket in the in-stock fabric of their choice!

Love it!

So go have fun and win yourself a blanket!

G.R.I.T.S. Embroidery on FACEBOOK

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