Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stash Sale List:

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It's time to get rid of all that excess that I keep holding onto thinking I'll use it one day, when I know I most likely won't.

Here's what I've got (check back often as I will be updating, adding more as time allows)

Feel free to message me or leave a comment here with any questions you might have. I'll upload photos when I can. Most all minky colors are on my website. Let me know what you're interested in and I'm sure we can come to a very reasonable price.

Photos of all fabrics in the STASH SALE Album!

Happy shopping!

Minky Scraps

20" x 16.75" Espresso Minky

50" x 11" (at narrowest) Pale Yellow Minky

10" x 23" Navy Minky Dot

30" x 14" Pink Minky

27" x 9" Turquoise Minky

8" x 30" Pink Minky (with a wider section that is 9" x 14")

11" x 14" Pink & Espresso Minky Dynasty

61" x 5" Minky Zebra

26" x 8" Espresso & Aqua Minky Dynasty

Large L shaped Espresso Minky scrap

63" x 11.5" Orange Minky Dot

63" x 9" Red Minky Dot

Cotton Print Fabrics (mostly designer)

36" x 9.5" Micheal Miller Brown Daisy Dreams

26" x 15" x 11" x 8" Kiwi Patti Paisley L shaped

14.5" (at widest ) x 16 " Expresso Ironworks Micheal Miller

21" x 9" Pink and Purple Paisley

1 yard + 23" x 43" wide Green dots with attached strip that is 41" x 10" at narrowest

28.5" x6 Michael Miller Vintage Cowboy Print

34" x 16.5 (at narrowest) White Songbird

31" x 16" at narrowest Pink and Green Camo

9.5" x 10.75" Micheal Miller black dandy damask


50" x 14" (at widest) Sheep and cow print

47 " x 40" Sheep and Cow Print

36" x 42" (1 yard) sun moon and stars baby blocks

2 yards pink flower print

Approximately 3.5 yards Yellow tractor print

Precut pieces for burp cloths

20.25" x 9.75 Pink (3 available)

20.25" x 9.75 Blue (3 available)

20.25" x 9.75 Green (5 available)

20.25" x 9.75 Yellow (7 available)

18.5" x 9.75" Yellow

39.5" x 9.5" Green

I line these with flannel for extra absorbency. They embroider beautiful and make absolutely gorgeous burp cloths!

Baby Blanks

1 White 100% Cotton Hooded Towel

1 NB White Side Snap Shirt (child of mine by Carter's)

1 NB White with pink Flowers Side Snap Shirt (child of mine by Carter's)

1 NB Purple Side Snap Shirt (child of mine by Carter's)

1 NB Pink Side Snap Shirt (child of mine by Carter's)

2 0-3 months Gerber Lap shoulder Tee White

2 Gerber 0-3 Months White SS Onesie

3 Small LS White Child of Mine by Carter's Onesie

5 White Cotton Top Knot NB hats

1 Pack0-3 months Gerber Tagless onesies SS White

4 Blue Receiving Blankets

2 Yellow Flannel Receiving Blankets


55 Jeweled lipstick pens ( lavender, pink, aqua and red)

Tote Bags

Small Canvas Tote Bag with nylon woven handles great for embroidery, painting or other craft projects. We use these for Bible bags for our kids!

Measures: 11" x 8 1/2" x 3"

Colors and Quantities Available:

7 Primary Yellow

4 Primary Green

2 Red

9 Lime Green

5 Purple

2 Natural Canvas

5 Aqua

Large Cotton Canvas Tote great for crafting. Use for embroidery, painting or stitching!

Measures: 13 1/2" x 13 1/2" x 4"

Sizes and Quantites Available:

2 Red

2 Blue

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