Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Item at GRITS Embroidery!

I'm very excited to be offering this new addition to my shop. I've always wanted to do more with these beautiful cotton fabrics. Honestly I just didn't have the time to try the patterns out. I was very absorbed in the patterns and choosing the right one as well as which fabric combinations to offer. It was very fun but very hard to choose. There are tons of great patterns and fabrics out there. I hope you like what I've picked. I would love to hear all your comments and suggestions. I do plan to add more bags as time allows. We're starting with this beautiful Shoulder Pleated Tote. (It needs a new name, be creative and give me your suggestions!)

I've done this one in Espresso Iron Works and Pink Dumb Dot by Micheal Miller. It has one interior pocket and pen slip as well as a magnetic closure. The bag is fully lined and interfaced for durability. I've got some great color combinations available and I'm looking for one more. Please give me your picks! Finished Bag shown is available!
Starting Price is $30.00

Here are the dimensions of the bag:
11.5" (top) - 15" (bottom) wide
15" tall

Color Combinations:

Fabric Combination 1: Cherry Linen
(top fabric is interior/lining, bottom fabric is exterior)

Fabric Combination 2: Kelly Swirls
(fabric shown is exterior, interior in white or black)

Fabric Combination 3: Camel Pink
Top fabric is interior lining, bottom fabric is exterior)

Fabric Combination 4: Sky Blue
(top fabric shown is interior lining, bottom fabric is exterior)


  1. You could call it "The Stacie" or "The Boss Bag" - BB for short. Or- Calile (Caleb, Lily, Levi) Those are just my random thoughts...

    The bag is SUPER CUTE!

  2. I love it! And I love Cherry linen!!! - jess


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