Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hooray for Mail!

Not the fluffy kind either :) The hard, flat, readable, teachable kind!

I purchased most all my curriculum last Monday on line and slowly but surely it is making it's way to our home.
Yesterday we had five packages to open and the kids were so excited! It was almost as good as Christmas they said :)
So far we have gotten quite a few of the reading books that will go along with our Learning Language Arts Through Literature Program. This program has curriculum for most all grades so Lily will have a workbook and I'll have a teacher's book for 1st grade and we'll have the same for Caleb in 3rd grade.
We've also received our Mystery of History book! So very excited about it and I found out that there are Lapbooks that I can get to go along with it! Hooray!!!!!
Caleb's Singapore Math books 3A workbook and text book came yesterday. We started it today. Although we started almost at the back of the book with the multiplication and division. I knew this was probably going to be the case but they hadn't really covered division yet in public school and they hadn't finished multiplication yet. I'm sure we'll be done with it within a couple of weeks and ready for the 3B books. He LOVES math and is so talented at it! He definitely got that from his Daddy!
Our Apologia science, Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day hasn't arrived yet but I hope it does soon as I have also discovered there are lapbooks for it as well!

Can you tell I'm excited???? We've having fun and the kids are adjusting much better than I ever could have hoped.

Well my little man woke up at 10pm Monday night, 2 hours after we put him to bed, with a terrible dry, yucky cough. We gave him tylenol and a breathing treatment. He and I stayed up on the sofa bed watching Quest for Camelot (I love that movie and it's become his favorite) until a little after 11. Then we slept on the sofa bed together. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep. He slept pretty well considering but he still has the cough Tuesday morning though not as bad sounding as it was. I gave him three more breathing treatments on Tuesday and although he is still coughing he is sounding much better and not coughing near as much. I will continue with the treatment regimen again today.

This is a picture of our front porch taken Monday night after the snow. Derek took it from the boys window. Not bad huh? :) God's mighty power and the natural beauty he bestows upon this earth. Although I must say I've had enough of the cold and snow.

Have a wonderful day and stay warm!
The Boss Lady

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I got two books for History of the US in the mail today for Ethan. I still have a few odds and ends to get in and then we will be completely stocked! Hooray for homeschooling!


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