Saturday, January 15, 2011

Anyone give back rubs?

I'm sure that's not what you expected to read but that's what I could really use right now. Let's recap the past two weeks:

New Year's Eve/ New Year's Day: My brother and his family come up that morning so that we can finish the electrical on the house. We finish on Friday and take Saturday to have some fun, despite the cold and the rain. Spend some time eating lunch and walking around The Opryland Hotel. They leave around 5 to head home.

Sunday comes and we have a great worship!

Monday: Our Cabinet Makers deliver the basement vanity that was a last minute decision. We had originally purchased a furniture vanity from Buy Floors Direct only to be incredibly dissappointed in the quality when it arrived. Having already had our custom cabinets installed in the house we just couldn't stomach paying $775 for a piece of junk. So we called our cabinet maker and believe it or not we got a much larger vanity with a beautiful wood top (waterproof). Including the cost of the drop in sink and faucet we saved $100 than if we had used the furniture vanity from BFD.

Tuesday evening: Derek digs the hole and buries the post for the mailbox, including pouring the concrete.

Wednesday: Electrical Inspector comes. We fail. 5 items. Not happy, at all. Could have cried. We decide we will just have our builders Electrician come and fix the issues so that we don't have to bother Jared and he doesn't have to make another trip up. Jared calls that afternoon to find out how the inspection has gone and offers to come up and fix everything.

Thursday: Our builders finish the small touch up work around the house.

Friday evening: Jared comes

Saturday: We spend the day tracing circuits and taking down a few light fixtures to make the inspector happy. We leave believing all is well.

Saturday evening/Sunday morning: I've eaten something that hates me, I am very, very sick. I stay home all day. Derek teaches the kids class for me since I'm sick.

Monday: The inspector is supposed to come but won't get out because of the weather.
I spend the day with the kids getting things for the new and old house. Items such as drapes and showers rods as well as staging items for our old house.

Tuesday: The kids are out of school again. The appraiser is supposed to come but can't because of the weather. The kids and I go out again to exchange and purchase some more items. My mom comes to town!!!

Wednesday: The electrical inspector finally comes. We have failed yet again! All because the Master bedroom Lights and the plug that is for a TV (if we ever have one in our room again) are on separate breakers and those breakers are not ARC Fault breakers. Let me just say that if he was sticking to code all breakers in the house that were not dedicated to specific items i.e. Wall oven, cooktop, etc. OR that had to be GFI such as Bathrooms and kitchens. ALL WOULD HAVE TO BE ARC FAULT BREAKERS. HOWEVER! HE ONLY INSISTED THAT BEDROOMS HAVE ARC FAULT BREAKERS and he was not specific!

(sorry, soapbox for a minute there)

The appraiser comes as well and I give her a tour of the house.

I don't leave the house until 3 and my quick stop at Kroger is lengthened since I stopped to jump some guys off whose car had broken down.

I teach Caleb and Lily's Bible Class that night because their Wednesday night teacher is out of town.

We talk with our builders and they have their Electrician come out on Thursday to fix the ARC fault breakers and just make sure there is nothing else the inspector is going to fail us on.

Thursday: Mom and I spend all day packing. Literally all day. We go to the house that night and hang the curtain rods and drapes in the Master Bedroom and the one for the Great Room

Friday: We pack all day long again. Around 12, text from my builder: We passed!!! The Electrical Inspector has finally passed us! Yeah! The building inspector is supposed to come at 4. If we don't get our Certificate of Occupancy we can't move in this weekend.

5:00 our builder calls. We have our Certificate of Occupancy!!!! Yeah we can move!!!! We leave around 6:30 and go hand the rest of the upstairs curtain rods and finally hit the sack around 10:30.

We were up at 7:30 this morning and going full throttle by the time everyone showed up to help around 9:30 and so on. We got all the packed boxes and small furniture items moved including the kids dressers, my sewing room and Derek's office.

The movers come on Monday to move our sofas, Fridge, Washer, Dryer, Buffet, Beds, TV and our Dresser. The rest of the furniture will stay for staging purposes until the house sells.

We are so very, very grateful for all the help we received today. It's been a very long process. Very rewarding yet very stressful at times. It's still not over, we still have to sell this house and sign the mortgage on the new home but the hardest part is behind us. We have tried our very best and will continue to try our very best to do what the Lord wants us to with what he has blessed us with. We pray you will all have the opportunity to praise Him and edify one another in our home.

If you've hung in there long enough to read all of this I applaud you.

Love to you all out there! You're great friends and I love and cherish each and every one of you very much!


  1. I am so excited that you are in your new home and pray you make many wonderful memories there. God has truly blessed you guys. Can't wait to see it

  2. Sorry for all of the setbacks...but yay for moving day!!! So excited for your family! Definitely looking forward to more pictures.


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