Friday, June 4, 2010

Where to start?

So much has been going on it is hard to know where to start! Between house decisions, vbs and coupons. Not to mention the end of the school year and having three kids at home full time again. Oh and I can't forget the Daughtry Concert Derek and I went to. Things have been very very busy! But all is good. Things are definitely moving at a snails pace with the house. They finished digging out for the foundation and the driveway then we find out that we have to have the soil tested. It was part of the original quote from the Superior Wall company but none of us realized things would be delayed because of this. The Soil Engineer was supposed to go out there today to test the soil. I don't know if he has to wait to get the results back but I sure hope not. Hopefully, and I say this with as much optimism as possible, we will have a basement in two weeks time. However I am not holding my breath.

We have picked the stone, brick, Hardie Board colors. As well as decided on windows and the front doors. We've also met with the Cabinet Builder and decided on the kitchen, master bath and kids vanities. I have no idea what to do with the laundry room but hopefully I will be able to figure something out. I want all the spaces to be highly functional and organized.

Derek gave me tickets to see Daughtry for my Mother's Day present! We went Sunday night after services. One of the wonderful young ladies from church watched the kids for us while we went. Cavo and Lifehouse were the opening acts. I hadn't heard any of their music until the last song by Lifehouse, " Hanging by a Moment". They were good though. Daughtry was awesome! I have both of their CD's . Kelly Clarkson came on and did "Fast Car" with Chris. You can search on You Tube to see/hear it. He also did a Phil Collins Song. A famous one although I can't think of the name of it. He did another song with the Lead Singer of 3 Doors Down and yet another with the lead singer of Lifehouse. Not to mention singing most of the songs off of their albums. It was great but my ears were ringing all night and I didn't sleep much due to the music running through my head. :) Totally worth it though!

The kids have been having a blast playing on the enormous dirt pile at the home site. Filthy as can be afterwards but hey, their kids, right?

School has ended and both are moving on. Caleb will be in starting the SEARCH program. It is for the gifted kids. I believe it has a different name every where you go. He is excited about it as are we. We are very glad he will be challenged.

Our VBS is next week. We are studying the Parables of Jesus. I'm teaching the 12m to 3 year class with another young mother. I think we've got it all ready to go and the kids are excited about it. Last year was the first time we've had one at Skyview and I think it went very well.

Well I've got to go. I'll try to post a variety of pictures later this evening. I hope you are doing well. Please drop me a line or two and tell me what you've been up to.


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  1. You all sure are busy, it sounds like! Wish we could see you in a few weeks, but unfortunately I don't think our trips will overlap :(

    Keep us posted on the house is sounding as if it will be worth the wait for you.

    DEFINITELY keep us updated on those growing my, when did that happen? lol


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