Monday, June 21, 2010

We have walls!

100 Tons of gravel! They delivered another 20 tons a couple of days later. WOW!

The Basement walls!

The front of the house, basement walls! Yeah!

Yeah! We finally have basement walls! It took 120 tons of gravel and a couple of weeks between digging the footings, getting the gravel, compacting the gravel and getting the Superior walls in place, but they are in! Last week they finished up and the plumbers came to do the preperatory plumbing before the concrete floor is poured for the basement. That should get done this week and then they should start framing! Last week for me was also spent picking out plumbing fixtures. Fun!

I made a short trip by myself to B'ham over the weekend. Please pray for my brother Jared and his family. Especially his wife.

Well here are some new pictures! Enjoy! (For all of you in the PIA area can't wait to see you next week!)

My Older Brother Jared, He tells the BEST stories!!!

My Goofy Dad! Always has something to say :)

My oldest brother Bryan, he's a braniac, in a good way :)

Have a wonderful day!

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