Friday, June 4, 2010

Miscellaneous Pictures

Me and My hunny at the Daughtry concert!

The brick we chose for our house.

Lily doing what she does best, being goofy! Her last day of school they did a few songs for us and this is one of them.

Caleb driving the CASE with a little help from Daddy.

Lily riding the CASE with Daddy! She even got to help drive.

My fearless two older children.

Levi riding the CASE with Daddy!

Caleb petting a Kangaroo at Kentucky Down Under

Caleb being Caleb :)

My Hunny!

Me and my other best friend, My mom!!! She's the world's greatest!!! I Love You Mom!

Me and my favorite Cuz, Amy!

My Twin :) Love you Jonna! We were separated at birth LOL!

Me and my Princess! She was Shirley Temple for the day, or at least her hair was :)

A picture taken by my oldest, I thought he did a great job!

Lily getting her nails done by Aunt Ellen over spring break. She thought it was the best thing ever!

Levi and Dakota

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