Monday, May 17, 2010


What's been going on? Well we've been very busy. Especially last week. The kids were out of school for two days after the flooding. Thankfully I am not aware of any major damage here in our town. I've seen some in another area nearby though and Nashville and Bellvue are in bad shape.

The house is still coming slowly but I think it will be picking up soon. Due to all the septic/house placement issues we had to change the structure of the basement. The side of the house we thought would be under the ground won't be and vise versa. The Superior Wall company we are using to build the basement will also be doing the excavation work and I hope will be starting on it this week. I'm optimistic. Hopefully once the basement is in things will really start to pick up. I've been looking at Hardie Board, brick and stone as well as front doors, windows and interior doors.

Derek has gotten a 31 year old Case lawn tractor from his parents. They've been saving it for him. They still have the original receipt! He is excited about fixing it up. I guess there are plenty of people who devote time to restoring them. He won't be doing too much work on it until the house is finished mainly just making sure it is running good.

Caleb had a field trip last week to Kentucky Down Under. It was really neat. He was able to pet a Kangaroo!! We did lots of other interesting, educational and fun things. I was very glad I was able to go with him. I was also able to go to a mother's day "tea" held at the school for the moms of the kindergarteners. Lily did a great ob singing her song and on all her crafts she had made for me. It was precious!

Well I guess that's all for now. I've had quite a few successful shopping trips lately. I'll try to post about them soon.

What have you been up to?



  1. I went to something at Conner's school for Mothers Day and they sang for us etc. It was so neat and special! I am so excited for you guys and this house! I am excited that you will be posting pics as it continues to be built! YAY! Then one day we'll have to drive through and stay with you guys so we can see it in person! :)

    I am trying to push myself to get into this coupon gaming. I know it would save us money... I just need to invest the time! Keep posting about it... it's encouraging!

  2. We would love for ya'll to come visit! The couponing is SO worth the time it takes. At least for me it is. I have saved so much money it amazes me!


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