Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break

Well the kids received a two week spring break this year. It started on Good Friday and will end this Friday. Derek had the day off so he helped tremendously in getting the kids packed for our trip to Bama. We were able to leave around 11:15 that morning. It was a hard day. Not long into our journey I was informed that Brother Paul Collier, a great Christian man, very dear to our family, had passed away. I had known this was most likely going to happen and had decided to go anyway. The kids love him and his family so much and I couldn't bear to put them through the funeral. I finally told them the news after we arrived at my parents around 3:00 pm. They took it pretty well but we all have moments when we get choked up.

The trip was a safe and uneventful one. My mom was waiting when we got there. Of course the kids immediately dove into the toys. Later that evening, after dinner and my dad had arrived home, mom and I ran down to Toys R Us. I was able to get Operation, Twister and connect 4 for $16.00 after a $5 gift card. I know there is a rebate to submit but I haven't found it yet. Once I submit the rebate my total should be around $2 a game!

That evening we went to see the fireworks at my nephews ball park. The kids had a blast but Caleb's allergies were already starting to get the best of him. Let me just say that with a double dose of Zyrtec and Eye Drops he was still miserable and had to stay inside the whole trip. My poor baby! That was torture with the weather so beautiful and cousins to play with.

Saturday was a birthday party for Kelly's three kids. It was great to get to visit with her and her family. I hadn't seen her grandmother in years and it was wonderful to sit down and chat with her. The kids are adorable and I'm looking forward to spending more time with them. That evening both of my brothers and their families came over. We enjoyed pizza and each others company. Sunday we enjoyed a beautiful Lords Day. Mom, the kids and I visited at Mt. Olive church of Christ where I grew up and it was soooo good to visit with most of those loved ones who still worship there and are still living. The congregation has lost a few over the years. Monday was spent getting great deals. My sister-in-law went with my mom, the kids and I to Target, KMart (it was was doubles week there, they doubled up to 5 coupons per customer, per day, up to $2 in value!) CVS and Walgreens. We got some excellent deals including $ .01 pens at Walgreens!!!! Got to love that! Most of the rest of the week was spent visiting with friends and family and trying desperately to help Caleb feel better.

Thursday after lunch we left for home. We had a safe trip and arrived home around 3:15. Our Gospel Meeting began that evening with Brother Gardner Hall. We had a very good turn out each night with many visitors. He preached wonderful lessons on Evangelism and one on the work in New York/New Jersey where he lives. I dealt with migraines from Friday through Sunday and was not able to attend worship Sunday morning.

We had a showing Saturday afternoon but we aren't sure if they ever came or not. I'm going to have to ask my Realtor about that. Once migraine finally left me I was able to enjoy a lazy, Sunday afternoon with Derek while the kids slept and then services again that evening. Monday was also a lazy day with only a short trip to the doctors office to see about allergies and to check on Levi's ear drum. It has healed beautifully! As well as a trip into Target for a few items. Levi needed new shoes desperately and I was a able to find him two pairs of sandals.

In house news they have staked the property and will be staking out the house today!!!! I'm meeting my in-laws so that they can have Caleb and Lily for a few days and I will definitely be dropping by there on my way home. Well I thinkI've rambled on long enough. What's going on with you and your family??


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