Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sonicare Toothbrush!

I snagged one for $11 plus tax!

I really wish I had discovered this sooner so that I could have shared it with you.  My husband and I were kid free this weekend and while he was studying to teach the Sunday nigh Adult Bible class I went grocery shopping at Publix.  While I was out I decided I would stop by Walgreens.

I had planned to get another Colgate 360 toothbrush with the $1 coupon  from my July All You Magazine.    Remember this was on sale for $2.99 with a $2 RR.  With my 15% discount I paid $2.54 before RR.  I also purchased another Bayer Advanced Aspirin 20 ct for $2.55 (that's with the 15% off discount) I used a $2 off coupon and scored a $2 RR making this item a $1.45 Money Maker!
  Next on my list was a Schick Hydro 3 Razor on sale for $8.99 ( with discount I paid $7.64).  I had a $4 off coupon and this one got me a $4 RR making this one a .36 MM for me.
I found a Jet Dry on sale for $3.99 ( with discount I paid %3.39) .  It had a bonus Finish Quantum Tab attached!  I had a Walgreen's coupon for this item for $1.50 off and it had a $1.50 RR making this only .39 OOP after RR.

Last but not least I had to pick up a last minute Father's Day card.  No deals on this one but I did get my 15% off discount making the card.$3.82.

My total OOP for this transaction was $13.38 after tax and I saved $15.25 as well as earning $8.50 in RR.

Now here comes the big deal of the day!  Walgreen's had an $79.99 Sonicare Essence toothbrush on sale for $39.99.  Not such a great deal you say that's only half off.  Well I get the 15% off discount because of my husbands job.  That takes it down to $33.99.  Then I had a MFR coupon for $15.00 off.  Making it $18.99 then I applied all $8.50 of my previously earned RR!  Now this would have made the toothbrush $10.49 but remember at Walgreens you can't have more coupons then you have items so I had to purchase 5 of those yummy Caramels they keep at the checkout in order to use all my coupons and Register Rewards.  This made my total after tax $15.34.

Now that is what I call a great deal on one VERY expensive toothbrush!

What great finds did you have this week?  Any great deals come your way???  I want to know about it!

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