Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anniversary and house progress!

Well today Derek and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. For those of you who shared that special day with us you will remember the crazy weather we had as well as the major Alabama vs.Auburn football game that was going on. Sorry about all that but then again not really :) I was ready to get married and that was the only day to do it! We've had a few bumps in the road but most of it's been pretty smooth and wonderful. We've made many lasting friendships along the way and grown not only physically ( I don't think I could quite fit into my wedding dress right now) but spiritually and emotionally as well. We've lost loved ones and welcomes babies into this world. Left a beloved home and made a new one. And now we have almost finished what some say is the biggest way to get a divorce: building a house. Well let me answer what everyone seems to ask us. No we really haven't fought over the house stuff. We've had a couple of disagreements but nothing earth shattering or even that we raised our voices over. We really don't fight much ever. Thank goodness. I think we got all that done the first year we were married.

Now onto other things. I could talk about marriage all day long! :)

The house is really coming along and we MIGHT be in it before the end of the year. Say a prayer for us!
They've finally gotten all the stone and cedar DONE! Here is the finished product. First up stone fireplace with cedar mantel:

Next up:
Interior of Front Door, Stained and 1 Dining Room Cedar Column with Stone Base

Third but definitely my favorite!
Finished front Porch with Stone and Cedar! (sorry about the scaffolding they had just finished the big v shaped design.)

Finished exterior, Front of the house.

We've been very busy painting in the basement. We've had many helpers here including my in-laws and my brother Jared as well as my cousin-n-law Rob. My FIL did a great deal of paining for us as well as our preacher/friend Shawn Bain. We've got then entire finished part of the basement primed. The garage, workshop and my sewing room are finished except for the final coat on the trim ( there is no trim in the garage). We've gotten some lights hung and all the tile is finished except for the tub suround and bench. They were working on that today. As well as the kitchen backsplash. That won't go in until the cabinets , fixtures and granite are in.

Here is a picture of the tile in the Master Shower before it was grouted. It looks phenomenal! We went with pale blue walls to pull out the blue in the glass tile. I can't wait to see it with the walls painted and all the cabinetry in, etc!

The painters have been there some this week and have gotten almost all the poplar stained thatis in the great room, dining room area. Most of the upstairs is primed and the ceilings are totally finished. My kitchen is black for the time being. I went with a deep red so they primed it with black. It looks cool! The HVAC guys have been installing and hooking up the units. The hot water heater is supposed to get put in any day and the garage door and opener were installed yesterday.

Well I guess that's it for now. I'm so glad that I don't have to pick anything else out! My picker is so finished! I had such a hard time picking paint colors!

Well I hope you've enjoyed the update. Leave me a note and let me know you read it. It'll make it worth the hour I spent working on it.

Love to all!


  1. I always read your blog! Love the stone!!!

  2. The fire place and mantle look great!

  3. Love the color scheme of siding and trim. What kind and color of siding and trim did you go with? Currently renovating a house myself!


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