Saturday, July 3, 2010

Framing..... and Vacation

Well we've been in Peoria since last Saturday. Thanks to the Randlemans we had a great place to stay and fantastic company. Of course Jonna and I did plenty of shopping. There was plenty of food involved and great friends to catch up with. It was a very busy week but well worth it to catch up with everyone from our old stomping grounds. If only we could have the best of both worlds. Our friends from Peoria here in TN!

While we were gone the framers got very busy working on the house. This is what we came home to:

From Left to right this is what is says: Master Bath, Front Door, Dining Room, Laundry Room, Boys Room

Here's the back of the house:

From left to right, top row: Lily's Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Great Room, Master Bedroom
From left to right, bottom row: Garage, Workshop, Bedroom, Unfinished basement.

There is a bathroom between the workshop and the bedroom. There are also two offices and a storm room in the basement on the front side of the house.

They are out there today framing again! Yeah! Have a happy Fourth!!!


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